God is Alive

Perhaps you do not want to face the disturbing fact that there is a God to whom you will have to give account one day.

Perhaps you imagine that science has explained God away and think that we should only be concerned today with man and his needs in this life. How absurd, how tragic to think like this. It makes life a meaningless riddle and leads to despair.

Perhaps you have fallen for the lie that there are many roads to God and heaven, that all religions lead to the same goal, and that it is sincerity that really matters. The fact is that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour because He is God’s Son, and obviously sincerity will not help you if you are on the wrong road.

(See John 14:6.)

Perhaps you profess to believe in God, but only wear religion as a cloak of convenience. You may go to church occasionally as a kind of insurance, but you do not really know God at all. You are running your own life, which is the greatest sin. (See Matt. 22:37, 38.)

Perhaps you are a sincere churchgoer, trying hard to be a Christian and live a good life, and relying on this to earn you God’s favour and a place in heaven. You could hardly be further from the truth. (See Eph. 2:8, 9.)

Perhaps you think that all that is needed is to try to live a decent life and be a good neighbour. You may believe in God in a vague kind of way and imagine that all is well. Unfortunately you have not checked up with the New Testament to find out what God says. Trying to live a decent life certainly does not satisfy God, nor does it make a man a Christian. God must work a miracle in us, we must be born again if we are to become real Christians. The result will be something altogether better than and different from a merely decent life. (See John 3:3-8.)

Perhaps you see yourself as a modern Christian. You are trying to follow Christ in your own way and also to be with it. Beware, it cannot be done. Jesus said: “No man can serve two master.” Or you may have fallen for one of the many false versions of Christianity around today, devised by and for twentieth century man! The only true version is the one we find in the New Testament. It is always up-to-date and relevant, but it cannot be modernised or changed to suit us. Although Christ is always up-to-date, He never compromises with the ideas and ways of this world. (See Matt. 6:24; Rom. 12:2.)

But perhaps you are longing to find and know the God who is alive and real!

You may be asking, ‘Can we actually know God personally? Can we have His forgiveness for our sins; His pardon for running our lives without Him, His life and power within us enabling us to live as He wants, His presence and guidance day by day in all the practical details of our lives, and a place in His plan and kingdom?’ Yes, we can! All this and much more God offers to all who will respond. God has spoken in the Bible. Find out for yourself. Make a start by reading John’s Gospel which was specially written to help us understand the main point of God’s message to mankind. (See John 20:30, 31.)

Here we find that the living and true God, who created everything for a wonderful reason,  has made Himself known in the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God has visited man to rescue him from the terrible situation he has got himself into by attempting to ‘go it alone’. “God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself” (2 Cor. 5:19). Jesus lived, died and rose again to provide a way of escape for us into an entirely new life. He died that we might be forgiven, He rose again a living Saviour able to transform our lives.

Through Christ we may know God personally as our Lord and Saviour, Master and Friend, Helper and Guide; all we could possibly need or want. Yes, God has a wonderful plan for us all, although we do not deserve it, and yet we may miss it. How? We may miss it by refusing to turn from our own self-centred way of living without God and commit ourselves entirely to Christ, or simply by neglecting God’s message in the Bible and  trusting to our own opinions and efforts. How tragic this would be.

Have you discovered the God who is alive and real through Jesus Christ His Son? If not, you can today, by turning to Him. Do not rest until you have made the greatest and most important discovery anyone can make. God is seeking you; are you seeking Him? You can at least start reading John’s Gospel today. Ask God to speak to you as you read. He will!